1. The big picture

  • Install the plugin
  • Run picasa
  • Select the photos to upload
  • Press the new button "Send to Flickr"
  • Picasa should open a browser with a Java applet embedded and ask you to authorize it
  • When the Applet is loaded, click on the "Authorize" button
  • A new browser window should appear and ask you to log in to flickr
  • Authorize the picasa2flickr application to write photos to your flickr account
  • Return to the applet window and press the "Continue" button
  • At this point you should be able to use the applet
  • Fill in some fields (tags, set, privacy) and start the upload

If you have any problem during this process, read the following documentation.

2. Java Applet Warning

A Java Security Warning dialog box will be displayed. This is due to the fact that the picasa2flickr applet need to load the photos served by picasa through http.


You need to accept this warning to use the applet.

3. Flickr Authorization

The picasa2flickr applet need to be authorized to write photos to your flickr account see FlickrAccount

3.1. Authorizing the applet directly from picasa

The first time your launch the applet you should see something like this (afer the Java warning):


After a few seconds a window should popup and request you to log in to flickr (if it's not already done). Under windows os you should see a IE frame:


Once you have accepted the registration you may close the popup window and click on the "Continue" button in the applet window.


Note: Each time you press the "Authentication" button the authentication URL is copied into your clipboard. If no popup appears, you may manually launch a browser (do not close picasa) and past the authentication URL to the

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adress bar (Ctrl-V) or you can take a look at the next section.

3.2. Authorizing the applet without picasa

You can authorize the picasa2flickr applet directly from your favorite browser using the register link. Then follow the same steps as described in the previous section. Once you'have authorized the applet you can run picasa and start to use the plugin.

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