0. Alternate install

The latest Picasa release (>v2.7 build 37.27) changes some security settings to disable the use of Picasa2flickr plugin !!

You can find an alternate install here.

1. Simple URL installer

If you have the latest Picasa version (at least v2.7) you can install the plugin with this simple link.

2. Installer

Under windows you can download a small installer that will update picasa for you: Installer.

3. Manual installation

With the latest version of picasa you can copy the Button file into the buttons directory of picasa (typically C:\Program Files\Picasa2\buttons on Windows)

For older versions, such as on Linux, you have to modify the file runtime/btnconfig.xml and append the following lines:

<button id="custombutton/picasa2flickr" type="dynamic">
  <icon name="outputlayout/poster_icon" src="runtime"/>
  <label>Send To Flickr!</label>
  <tooltip>Upload your photos to flickr</tooltip>
<action verb="hybrid">
  <param name="url" value="http://picasa2flickr.4now.net/"/>

4. The applet (aka. the server side)

The main functionalities of picasa2flickr are provided by the applet which is automatically loaded from my server each time you press the "Send to Flickr!" button. Thus there is no need to re-install the "picasa plugin" to take advantage of the features of a new applet version.

5. Linux

The linux version of picasa uses wine to emulate the windows api under your favorite OS, and I've not found a way to install the Java Sun JRE under this wine environement. The JRE 1.5 fails during the installation, and the 1.6 silently fails too. Any help is welcome, you can contact me (Gael Chardon) by mail at gael.dev at 4now.net.

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